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As a sophomore in high school, I was the 1991 Dramatic Interpretation NSDA National Champion and 1993 State Champion for Humorous Interpretation in Texas.  As a college student attending Southern Methodist University working toward my BFA in Theatre, I developed a summer forensics institute which became the foundation for what would eventually be called The Perfect Performance, LLC in 2003. Throughout my years as a high school teacher and consultant, I directed 4 State Championship One-Act plays in both Texas and Pennsylvania. I have had students, who attended Perfect Performance workshops, become either National Champions or Finalists at the NIETOC, NSDA, and NCFL in a main event every year from 1994-2017. As a Competitor, Teacher, and Director, I learned that perfect performances are not about the final product. The process of how we create performances is the secret to my students, as well as my own, success. When you have a sound and solid process you have created an artist that is able to make actable choices and think independently of their teacher. As a result, students bring their entire self to the rehearsal process, not just their memorized lines. The Process Matters because when the process is sound, the work becomes amazing, no matter what.

The Process Matters Webinar Series

The Perfect Performance offers the tools necessary to help both students and teachers, in Theatre Arts and Speech, learn how to approach text, unlock its hidden potential, and bring those words to life through performance in front of an audience. Throughout 15 years of traveling onsite to present workshops, we are excited about finally bringing the secrets to our success to your classroom, or home, through our new Webinar Series: The Process Matters. We will be launching this series late summer of 2018! Subscribe now in order to receive early bird specials. You will be sent an email when the webinar series is available.

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